The Nauwigewauk Fire Department was established in 1967.  We are based out of 11 Jocelyn ave, Nauwigewauk, NB and serve the residents of Darlings Island, Nauwigewauk and from the Hammond River Bridge to HoLo Hill. 

Our Volunteer Members have a proud and distinguished history of protecting our community.  We strive to exceed the expectations of our residents and visitors.  We work in a challenging environment and we meet the challenge every day.

If you are interested in becoming part of an exciting, challenging, and rewarding environment, please consider becoming one of our valued Volunteer Members.  The department provides in-depth firefighter training to its members and is always seeking qualified personnel.  Applicants must meet certain requirements, including a favourable background investigation.  Please CLICK HERE to submit an application form.

Whether providing services for fire prevention, fire suppression, severe weather emergencies or responding to a motor vehicle accident, the Nauwigewauk Fire Department is dedicated to the safety of the residents we serve on a daily basis.